Multiple Project to do list




A project management to-do list is a list of tasks that outlines the work that a project manager or team intends to perform during the course of the project. This list assists project managers in comprehending the many activities of a project so that they may distribute work to team members and complete their own responsibilities.

Template Details :

This template allows you to enter your projects, associated tasks, and other pertinent information so that you can see them all at once. You can watch the progress of each project, ensure that things stay on track, and spot any projects that are at risk of running over budget *before* they become a problem by looking at a detailed summary in your project tracking spreadsheet.

Format - Excel 

Features :

  • This project management spreadsheet allows you to enter many projects, classify them by type, and follow their status. To keep track of who is responsible for each product, the Owner is entered, 
  • The Tasks worksheet includes each Task along with its corresponding Project, as well as the task Status. Each job has a Start date, an end date, and a Duration, as well as options for adding any notes.

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