Project Team Structure Template




A project team structure has employees assigned to the same set of activities in a project. Project team structure can be organized in 3 ways -

    • Functional based Project Team Structure: In this structure, teams will be organized by their functions and each sub-team will report to the functional manager.
    • Project-based Team Structure: Here activities as organized as programs or portfolios and implemented through projects.
    • Matrix-based Project Team Structure: In this structure, the authority of the functional manager flows downwards, while that of the horizontal flow is for the project manager.

Features :

A project team may have many roles. Few critical roles showed in template and sample are -

    • Project sponsor:
      The person who provides the funding for the project and has the authority in the decisions of the project. 
    • Steering Committee:
      The group that is responsible for the regular oversight of the project.
    • Project manager:
      The person who manages the day to day activities and is responsible for the success of the project.
    • Business Analysts, Solutions Architects, etc.

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