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The SMART method describes how to set clear objectives for a goal, usually for project management or personal growth. It was first introduced in 1981 by George Doran, and the main advantage of using these types of goals is that it is easy to ascertain whether they have been achieved or not.

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Each letter of the SMART acronym stands for different goal criteria-

    • Specific: One clear target should appear in the goal, and the improvement it aims to bring about should also be mentioned.
    • Measurable: The improvement should be quantifiable, or at least a clear indicator of progress should be included.
    • Achievable: The goal needs to be assigned to a person or team which have the required skills to achieve the goal.
    • Relevant: The goal needs to be aligned with the overall corporate strategy of the company, for the employees to understand why it is required.
    • Time-Bound: The goal needs to have a specific due date, which needs to be tracked.

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