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Project Timeline Excel Template


Multi Projects Timeline Excel Template
Multi Projects Timeline Excel Template Single Project Timeline Excel Template Manual Project Timeline
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  • Very often a project manager needs to quickly create a view. This exercise happens before the project manager starts the actual project plan which should be far more detailed.

    This Excel template includes separate timeline tabs for -

  • Single Project Timeline Template Excel

    • The Template can be used to list tasks for a single project.
    • Each task has a name, start, end and effort.
    • You can change start date on the timeline and scale on the timeline in the config sheet.

    Multi Projects Timeline Template

    • Has all the features of a one timeline including the scale and used for high-level planning.
    • Displays up to five projects with. different colors.
    • Each Project can have max five tasks.

    Manual Project Timeline Template

    • Manually created by formatting cells and using simple sum formula.
    • Can add as many as rows to depict different phases or tasks.