Team Status Report Dashboard




Team status report template in excel can be used to report team status and updates on Weekly. The dashboard is made of two parts - PowerPoint(Dashboard) which contains the actual report and excel sheet (Resource Plan) which contains the actual resource allocations.

Features - 

  • Can handle up to 10 resources and 5 projects for 3 weeks.
  • The status report is a combination of PowerPoint(Dashboard) and Excel(Resource Plan).
  • Tasks completed and planned for next week will cover the tasks the team is planned to work.
  • The key updates can be used to highlight team issues, leave plans, general news etc,
  • Project allocations display the resource allocation in terms for days for projects.
  • Covers tasks completed this week, tasks planned next week and other key updates for the team.
  • Resource allocations cover the allocation for 3 weeks. The Current week and next 2 weeks.

How to use the Team Status Report Dashboard

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