Task Priority Matrix




Follow the below steps start using the Task Priority Matrix:

Task Priority Matrix helps to decide which task should prioritized in case resources are limited.

The template has two section Backlog task and Dashboard

  • Enter the ID, list of tasks which need to be done and score which can be used to signify the priority. of the task in respective column.
  • Task must be created once in the backlog and then moved to the required categories by simply entering task ID.
  • Dashboard has four section Critical, High, Medium, Low.
  • Critical task -should be done immediately High tasks-should be done as early possible, Medium and Low-can wait for bit more time.
  • The matrix highlights tasks which are not assigned in any category.
  • Duplicate tasks are highlighted in red bold in all the categories.
  • Using CTRL + Q will execute the sort which will sort the tasks based on their scores. Higher the score higher the task is listed.

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