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Capacity Planning Template Excel


Capacity Planning Template Excel
Capacity Planning Template Excel Capacity Planning Template Excel resource capacity planning template excel capacity planning template
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  • Capacity planning template helps you manage employee time, understand his capacity and stay on assigned project budget. This spreadsheet template can help you improve resource planning and deliver project goals. Best thing about our templates is you can tailor it as per your requirements. 

    How to use Capacity Planning Template
    There are two key sections - Capacity Planner and Resource Requirements.

    1. The Capacity Planner consists of two areas - Planner and Resource Pool. Resource Pool is the area where you configure all your resources and their availability.. The Planner area is the key as it displays the availability and deficit based on the Resource Requirements.

    2. The Resource Requirements tab is the area where the planned projects and resource are allocated.

    Find this template in our basic project management templates

    • Better resource management.
    • Highlight resource gaps on weekly basis.
    • Multiple project resource planning.
    • Highlights which resource types are in high demand or resource types which are free.
    • Has a built-in resource pool which can be used to setup resources.
    • The resource pool can be used set the availability of the resource types on a weekly basis.
    • Can handle up to 10 resource types.