Action Item Tracker Template




An action item is an event, task, or activity that is agreed upon by all project stakeholders and is assigned to an owner who is accountable for the completion of the action. 

Template Details :

This action item helps list, rank, and prioritize your tasks. Also, this template eliminates the effort of manually picking and prioritizing tasks with the option of rolling action items. Our action item template is built so that it can be used to monitor rolling action items. 

Format - Excel and Word File

Features :

When to use this template?
  • Actions that arise during daily stand-up or catch-up meetings.
  • Tasks that created a result of project control board meetings.
  • Meetings with external parties or vendors.
  • Specific requests are coming from stakeholders or senior management.
  • Download the action item tracker excels template and action items in the Meeting Minutes word template.

How to use the Action Item Tracker Template

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