Issue Log Template for Prince2 and Agile




An issue log template is a document that outlines the process of how to handle any problems or issues with products, services, and/or customer service. This document can be used in various situations such as when a customer has an issue with their purchase, you need to track product defects for warranty purposes, or if there are concerns about your company's product line. The main purpose of this document is to make sure that every problem is handled in a consistent manner so that customers know what they should expect from your business.

Template Details:

The issue log is a document which aims at capturing and documenting any issues which were brought forward during the lifecycle of the project.

Issue Log Template is used for capturing the issues.

Format: MS Excel

Features - 
Issue log structure consist of the following - 

  • Issue number
  • The issue itself
  • Priority of the issue (high, medium or low)
  • Assigned to: the owner of the issue
  • Status of the issue
  • Resolution: how was the issue resolved (if at all)
  • Date of resolution

    How to use the Issue Log Template for Prince2 and Agile

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