Project Benefits Excel Tracker




Tracking project benefits is a core part of Project Benefits Management. This excel template allows a project manager to track various aspects of project benefits including type, alignment, and strategic importance.


About the Project Benefits Tracker -

    • Benefit Description - Clearly mention what the benefit is about.
    • Owner - The beneficial owner is responsible to ensure the project team gets all the support.
    • Target - This is the date or time by which it is expected that the benefit will be realized.
    • Benefit Type - This field indicates if the type of benefit is tangible or intangible.
    • Benefit Category - Describes what area of the business the benefits will help.
    • Alignment – This column describes how closely aligned the benefit is to companies or organizations needs.
    • Realization Phase – The phase of the project during which the benefits are planned to be realized.
    • Status – Indicates if the benefit is on track to be achieved.
      Planned Benefit and Actual Benefit

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