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The Scrum framework is designed to help organisations be more agile and responsive to change. It is based on a set of values, principles, and practices that help teams work together to deliver products that meet the needs of customers.
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It is a process that helps teams work together to complete projects. Scrum is characterized by short sprints, or iterations, of work followed by regular customer feedback. The goal of Scrum is to deliver working software to the customer at the end of each sprint.

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When to use this template?
  • The type of project: Scrum is typically better suited for projects with well-defined deliverables, while Kanban is better for projects with nebulous or shifting requirements.
  • The team size: Scrum teams are typically small (5-9 people), while Kanban teams can be any size.
  • The team's level of experience: Scrum is more prescriptive and can be easier for less experienced teams to follow, while Kanban is more flexible and can be adapted

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