Stakeholder Mapping Template




Stakeholder mapping is a visual representation of all of the people that are interested in your product, project, or concept. This makes it simple to identify who has the power to impact your project and how each individual is connected to the others.

Template Details :

The practice of identifying significant stakeholders in a project is known as stakeholder mapping. Anyone who is interested in the project's result is a prospective stakeholder. Similarly, someone with a significant amount of power can be termed a stakeholder. Identifying who these personalities are is a crucial step in ensuring the success of any new business venture.

Format - Excel 

Features :

  • Developing a shared knowledge of the important people who can have a beneficial impact on the project's success.
  • Creating a strong basis for team communication and engagement strategies.
  • Prioritizing stakeholders to ensure that resources are distributed appropriately based on their responsibilities.
  • Detecting and mitigating any negative risk factors brought on by other stakeholders who may feel ignored.

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