Multiple project dashboard built in PowerPoint shows portfolio status in very pictorial way. Let us see how to use this template by understanding step by step all its sections -

Project KPI's -
This is a first column in the template which lists the important KPI's example Schedule, Budget, Resources, Risks &Issues and Quality Metrics.Lets see these KPI's in details now.

Schedule -
This KPI is to display the status of the project in %. Arrows are displayed in RAG format to show status of project.

Budget -
Budget section shows the actual and planned finance of the project.They are showed in bar graphical fashion.

Resources -
This section represents the grahical way to show the resources of project.The number of red and green resources indicates its no. of short and equal resources.

Risks and Issues -
This section is designed in pie chart format to show case risks and issues. Again RAG pattern is used to show status.

Quality -
This section is basically for testing phase of the project. The quality metric chart displays the high issues as red, medium as amber and low issues as green.