Follow the below steps to start using the Daily work Log Template

The daily work Log template calculates how many hours were needed to complete a certain task; a work log needs to fill in by each team member.

This template has the following sections

  • Time: capture the time of the task
  • Description: Describe the task in this column.
  • Type: Select the type of the task from the drop-down list in the field i.e. Project, BAU, Support, Meetings
  • Time spent: Specify the time spent on the task.
  • Create New work Log Button: One-click button to create a fresh new log every day. Validates to ensure there is no duplicate worksheet for the same day.
  • Today (): Auto updated as per your system or machine date that you are using to update.
  • Total (Auto Updated): Displays the total time taken to complete all the tasks.
  • Categories (Auto updated): the breakdown of the time spent on each of the task types.