Follow the below steps to start using the Project Management Task Tracker

This template has two tabs Tasks list and Data.

Tasks List Tab:

This tab has two section Tasks and Dashboard


  • Task indicator(i) Auto Populated- If the task indicator is RED then the task is due today or overdue.
  • If AMBER, then the task is due in next 3 days. If the GREEN that means task is due beyond next 3 days.
  • Enter the Description of task and Project for each task.
  • Update the Priority and status of each task from Drop-down list in the field.
  • Enter the due date for each task, Template sorts the tasks based on due date.


  • Dashboard Displays No. of tasks open, How many critical, High, and Medium
  • A Bar Chart Displays the total tasks of open for Each Project
  • Task calendar which shows an overview for the next 10 days.

Data Tab:

There are two tables in this tab, all the tables are auto Populated

Enter the Projects in the project column.