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At Techno-PM, we believe that one size does not fit all regarding resource planning and management. So, we have broadly catered for three different types of templates which are Project Resource Management Templates, Team Resource Management Templates and General Resource Management.


 Resource Management Templates

They are designed to support planning and to manage your project-specific resources. One of the critical areas of focus in these templates is the resource's cost to the project.

  • Capacity Planner Excel Template
  • Advanced Resource Planning Dashboard
  • Project Resource Matrix
  • Project Resource Planning
  • Project team structure template
  • Sprint Capacity Planner Excel Template
  • Resource Request Form - Template - V2
  • Resource Management Plan Word Template
  • Resource Assignment Matrix


 Resource Management Templates

They are designed to manage a team or a group of individuals without worrying about the cost or time spent on a specific task.

  • Resource Plan PPT Template
  • Resource Utilization Template Excel
  • Simple Resource Management Plan
  • Simple Resource Matrix Excel Template
  • Team Capacity Plan PPT Template
  • Team Leave Plan Calendar Template_v2
  • Team Capacity Planner Excel
  • Team Resource Plan PPT Template


 Resource Management Templates

Generic category which include leave planners, training planners and skill planners.

  • Skills Matrix Example
  • IT Skills Matrix Template
  • SMART Goals Template
  • Employee Competency Matrix
  • Weekly Timesheet Template- Google Docs
  • Monthly Leave Planner Template
  • Annual Leave Planner
  • Employees Skills Matrix - Template
  • Employee Training Plan Template

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Excel Capacity Planner

Advanced Resource Planner

Skills Matrix Template

Resource Assignment Plan

Sprint Capacity Planner

Team Capacity Planner

Excel Resource Matrix

Skills Matrix PPT 

Monthly Leave Planner

Team Capacity PPT

Team Leave Planner

Annual Leave Planner

Competency Matrix

Project Team Structure

Resource Management Plan

Resource Allocation PPT

Project Resource Plan

Simple Excel Resource Plan

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