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An application heatmap excel template is a spreadsheet that shows the usage of your app. It can be used to analyze different aspects of your app and provide insights into how users interact with it. Users will use their mouse, keyboard, or touch inputs in order to engage with an app and navigate through it. This information can help you see where they are having trouble navigating certain parts of the interface so you can make adjustments accordingly.

Template Details :

The application heatmap excel template is designed to identify the applications at risk with a given release.

Format : Excel

Advantages of Heatmap -

  • Provides a high-level view of all the changes and their impact on applications.
  • Highlights individual applications with traffic light color coding from green to red.
  • The heatmap can be displayed as a dashboard to stakeholders and explain the risks involved.
  • Can be used by operational teams in troubleshooting issues.

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