Executive Project Dashboard Template




The Executive Project Dashboard Template is a project management dashboard template that can be customized to meet your needs, and which provides an overview of the status of projects. It serves as a single interface for all stakeholders in the project to view its progress. The template includes features like Gantt charts, timelines, reports, KPIs (key performance indicators) and more.

Template Details:

Executive Management always likes an update at a high level. They do not have the time to get involved in detail. This dashboard will give the executive management a bird’s eye view of the entire portfolio for 3 quarters.

Format: PowerPoint


  • Designed to provide a high-level overview of completed, in-flight, and pipeline projects.
  • View of 3 quarters - last quarter, current quarter, and an upcoming quarter.
  • Each project represented by a block that has the KPIs.
  • Each project has an overall project status that can green, red, or amber.
  • Three indicators - S which stands for Schedule, B which stands for Budget and R which stands for Risks. The indicators can be red, green, or amber.

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