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IT Project Plan MS Project


IT Project Plan MS Project
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  • A software development project plan and its tasks will vary depending on the type of implementation but this template can be used as a starting point for planning.

  • The template have following development phases –

    • Business Case-The Business Case phase is to set up the governance required before the software project plan.
    • Analysis-The analysis phase is the phase where requirement analysis is done.
    • Design-The design phase in a software project plan is primarily run by the architects.
    • Build-The build phase of the software development project is the phase in which the developers will plan to build the software.
    • Quality Assurance Library- It is the test plan and set of test cases which can be used to test the system.
    • Quality Assurance Test- In the quality assurance test phase the newly built or changed software is tested to make sure it is doing what it supposed to do.
    • User Acceptance Testing- also known as UAT is the process of business users testing to make sure the system changes are inline with the business processes.
    • Implementation Planning- Implementation planning is a key step in any software development project plan.
    • Pre-Production Testing- Pre-Production is a dress rehearsal of the tasks to be done in the production implementation.
    • Production Implementation- The day when the changes will be applied to production.
    • Post Go Live Support