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A Project Control Board meeting agenda is a document that outlines the items that will be discussed during a project control board meeting. The agenda is typically created by the project manager and distributed to all participants prior to the meeting. The agenda should include a list of topics, as well as the time allotted for each topic. This allows participants to come prepared for the meeting and ensures that all important topics are covered.

Template Details:

Project Control Board meetings are an important part of any project. They allow team members to come together and discuss the progress of the project, identify potential issues, and make decisions that will help keep the project on track. In order to make sure that these meetings are as productive as possible, it is important to have a clear agenda in place.

Format: MS Word


  • Review of project schedule and update on critical path activities.
  • Review of budget and forecasted cash flow.
  • Review of procurement status.
  • Discussion of any potential risks or opportunities that have arisen since the last meeting.

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