Project Scope Statement Template


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This document provides a basic understanding of the project scope including the deliverable, assumptions, and constraints, and clearly lists down the high-level project requirements and boundaries.


This template covers SMART objectives as per project management guidelines -

  • Specific: The objective should be clearly stated.
  • Measurable: List down metrics to determine if the objectives have been met.
  • Attainable: The team agrees that the objective is achievable and realistic.
  • Relevant: Objective fits into the overall organizational goal & supports the project charter.
  • Timely: A target date to achieve the objective is clearly stated.

Key elements of a Project Scope Statement 

    • Project Justification
    • Project Description
    • Project Objectives
    • High-Level Requirements
    • In Scope
    • Out of Scope
    • Cost Estimate
    • Assumptions
    • Deliverables
    • Constraints

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