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Project team meeting agenda is a document that helps to plan and track the progress of the project. It includes a list of items that need to be discussed during the meeting and assigns responsibility to specific team members for each item. This document is very important for keeping the project on track and ensuring that everyone is aware of their tasks and responsibilities.

Template Details:

Project team meetings are an important part of any project. They allow team members to come together and discuss the progress of the project, identify potential problems, and brainstorm solutions. A well-run meeting can help a project move forward smoothly and efficiently. However, if not done correctly, meetings can be a waste of time and lead to frustration for all involved.

Format: MS Word


  • The agenda is distributed to all attendees in advance so that they can come prepared.
  • The agenda includes a brief description of each item, the time allotted for discussion, and any materials that need to be circulated prior to the meeting.
  • The agenda is be tailored to the specific project and team.
  • It includes both routine items and new or urgent items.

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