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Project Timeline Word Template


project timeline template word
  • Description
  • Features
  • A Project Timeline is a visual display of major tasks and milestones listed in chronological order, with dates listed alongside them. The successful completion of all the tasks and milestones results in completion of the project.

    Importance of project timeline -

    • Helps presenting high-level plan of a project to the stakeholders, team members, vendors, clients, etc.
    • It is very easy to visualize gaps, lapses, overlaps of tasks and duration of the tasks.
    • Good way to present status of project in P vs A (Plan vs. Actual) method.
  • What does project timeline contains?

    • Colour code similar tasks.
    • Display the timescale at the top.
    • Present all the contingencies to any of the tasks.
    • Present the dependencies between any two tasks.
    • A task should be presented as a bar and a milestone as a rhombus.