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Release Management Templates: Useful Strategies to Optimize Your Process

The release management templates are a great resource for anyone who needs to create and manage releases. The templates provide a framework of the process and can be customized by adding additional information specific to your organization. 

Release Management Templates to Streamline Your Deployment Process:

Release management Templates are handy for streamlining the deployment process. They can be used in many situations, such as to manage a release backlog or to provide standardized tasks and checklists that teams can follow when doing deployments.

Format: MS Excel, Word, PPT, Outlook, MPP

Why You Need a Workable Incident Management Strategy?

  • Release management is a complicated process; it can be difficult to track the various components that need to be included for a release to go smoothly.
  • One way to simplify this process is by using templates, which provide you with an outline without doing all the work. Not only does this save time and increase accuracy, but it also helps you become more efficient.

Few reasons why you should get our templates: 

  • Our ready-to-use templates are huge time savers.
  • A wide range of templates that are editable & customizable.
  • Free updates (2 new templates) are sent to your inbox every month.
  • Instant download to get you started in less than 2 minutes.
  • We have a dedicated support team for all your queries.

Release Management Bundle includes the following template:

1. Release Status Report Template

2. Release Risk assessment Template

3. Application Impact Heatmap Template

4. Release Calendar Template

5. Release Plan Template

6. Emergency RFC Template

7. Implementation Issue register Template

8. Project Implementation update outlook Template

9. Normal RFC Template

10. Project Implementation Plan 

11. RACI Matrix for Release management

12. Release checklist Template

13. Release management RACI

14. Release Post Implementation review Template

15. Release Schedule Template

16. Release Project Plan MPP

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