Schedule Management Plan




The Schedule Management Plan is a living document that should be updated as the project progresses and as new information becomes available. It should be reviewed and approved by the project sponsor and other key stakeholders. The Update Schedule Management Plan process is performed throughout the project whenever the schedule needs to be updated.

Template Details :

The Schedule Management Plan (SMP) is a formal document that describes how schedule activities will be planned, monitored, and controlled throughout the project. The goal of the SMP is to ensure that the project schedule is accurate, realistic, and achievable.

Format - Excel 

Features :

When to use this template?

  • To ensure that the project schedule is well-defined and understood by all stakeholders.
  • To ensure that the project is on track and that any potential problems are identified and addressed in a timely manner.
  • To ensure that the project team is aware of the project schedule and the associated risks and opportunities.

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