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Simple Project Timeline Excel Template


Project Timeline Excel Template
  • Description
  • Features
  • A timeline assists the project manager in presenting the high level plan of a project to the stakeholders, team members, vendors, clients, etc. It is a simple tool which can easily present to all involved if they are ahead / on / behind schedule.

    It is very easy to visualize gaps, lapses, overlaps of tasks and durations of the tasks. When presenting the status of a project, the timeline is an excellent method to show the PvA (Plan vs. Actual).

  • Project Timeline in excel features - 

    • Top rows represent timescale (Years > Months > Weeks), and the right most column the group/team names (HW, SW, Testing, etc.).
    • Each task should then be compromised of a number of cells when each cell represents the duration of one week.
    • Each group/team should have their own colour for visualization’s sake.