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Simple Task Tracker with SLA Tracking


Task Tracker with SLA Tracking
  • Description
  • Features
  • When you have a small team and want to manage a few tasks all of need is a simple tracking mechanism for team tasks. This excel tracking template is simple and easy to use. It allows tracking multiple people and highlights SLA breaches.

  • SLA tracking excel tracker -

    • The tracker captures task ID, description, received date and SLA counter.
    • Support SLA tracking in terms of days.
    • The tacker is available for 6 and 3 team format.
    • SLA which is configurable can be set to be red, green or amber.
    • If any task is under SLA then the counter will be GREEN.
    • If any task is right on SLA then it is AMBER.
    • If any task is breached SLA then it is marked RED.
    • To use the tracker enter the task id, description and received date.