Stakeholder Mapping




Stakeholder mapping is identifying and assessing key individuals or groups interested in the success or failure of an organisation, project, initiative, or template. It also involves understanding these parties' relationships and determining how best to manage and engage them.

Template Details:

A stakeholder map visually displays the relationships between stakeholders in a project or organisation. It can be used to help identify and understand the interests and perspectives of different stakeholders, and to develop strategies for managing stakeholder relationships.

Format: MS Excel


  • Helps to identify and assess who the key stakeholders are in a given situation
  • Enables effective communication by identifying the communication channels that are most effective for each stakeholder
  • Makes it possible to tailor messages to the specific needs and interests of each stakeholder
  • Helps to build relationships by identifying opportunities for engagement
  • Facilitates effective decision-making by understanding the interests and concerns of each stakeholder

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