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Use Case Template Word


use case template word
  • Description
  • Features
  • Use Cases are a common technique for gathering functional requirements in the Business Analysis world where, by ensuring that all interactions are captured, the project team can build confidence that a seamless user experience and fully functional product will be delivered according to the needs of the customer.

    File Type: Word

  • Fields of Use Case Template-

    • ID: a unique identifier to represent the Use Case.
    • Name: what it says on the tin; should be a clear and short name.
    • Description: a brief description (not War and Peace!) of the Use Case.
    • Primary Roles / Actors: the type of primary users that the Use Case relates to.
    • Pre-conditions: what conditions/assumptions need to be in place for the Use Case to start.
    • Trigger: what event will trigger the start of the Use Case.
    • Basic Flow: illustrates the set of steps the role will take to accomplish the objective of the Use Case.
    • Alternate Flows: illustrates the ‘unbeaten path’.
    • Post-conditions: what conditions/assumptions need to be in place when the Use Case is complete.