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WBS Word Template


Work Breakdown Structure, WBS Word Template
  • Description
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  • The Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is a view of the entire scope of a project broken down into smaller work blocks, in a hierarchical structure. The completion of the work blocks will result in completion of the deliverable, and achievement of the objectives. It is imperative that 100% of the needed work will appear in the WBS diagram, and that there isn’t any overlap between different the work blocks. The WBS isn’t a project plan: It specifies who does what, not when or how.

  • Creating a work breakdown structure steps-

    • Understand the work being done in the project
    • Organize a planning workshop. This is a very effective way of coming up with the WBS
    • Document the Work Breakdown Structure
    • Socialize the WBS
    • Integrate the WBS into your project plan